2018 Resolutions for Brampton

Riverwalk Project - Artist Rendering

As we ring in 2018 and reflect on accomplishments (and failures) over the past year, it is also a good time to engage in a tradition traced back to the ancient Babylonians; New Year’s Resolutions. For our City, we have a wish-list on behalf of residents…


City Hall is pouring millions into Brampton’s “downtown core” and continues to underwhelm in all areas including vibrancy and economic activity. The main stumbling block to any real investment is flood mitigation of the Etobicoke Creek runoff. Every council has kicked this problem down the road with much talk and little action. The city needs to show progress on the Riverwalk Project or move on and develop the Queen St corridor as the “downtown core”.

South West Quadrant Lawsuit

The outstanding lawsuit over the bid award process for the city hall expansion of the South West Quadrant continues to cast a cloud over the city.  Will this council allow this cloud to continue into yet another council term? The entire deal connected with this debacle has cost taxpayers plenty and continues to be a public relations joke and a black eye for the city.

Grow Up

Brampton has been dealing with successive divisive councils that have been downright ugly and childish at times. Residents deserve much better.  2018 is an election year and a time for residents to remind  the current sitting council and anyone who throws their hat into the ring that their job is to work together for the betterment of residents.

Light Rail Dreams

The decision to strand the Hurontario-Main Street Light Rail at Shoppers World continues to divide Brampton. We challenge the newly elected city council to reopen negotiations with the newly elected Provincial government to fund an extension to the downtown Brampton GO station and make significant strides on a Queen Street LRT. Status-quo on rapid transit is no longer an option.

Candidates Please Stand Up

2018 as you should know is both a Provincial and Municipal election year. The city needs candidates that are sincerely interested in serving in the public. Brampton Focus will be doing our part by covering the candidates, the issues and the results throughout the year and asking for your input, feedback and participation as we go. All that we ask is for candidates to step up and campaign on issues that will allow our city to reach its full potential.

Jobs Jobs Jobs

As the 9th largest city in Canada, we lag far behind in attracting world class companies to re-locate to Brampton and in keeping employment lands for just that purpose. The majority of our workforce leaves the city everyday for employment. Smaller municipalities including  Kitchener, Guelph and Waterloo are pushing themselves as Silicon Valley North and the Province is even committing to a High Speed Rail Line for them. Brampton seems content to draw up “Master Plans” with little so far to show for them. The economic development of the city needs to ramp up to another level and utilize our young and highly skilled workforce.

Code Blue – Paging Healthcare in Brampton

Brampton has a single fully operational Hospital with and ER that ranks as the busiest in the Province. The city woefully needs 2 more fully functioning Hospitals with Emergency Rooms. The Provincial government recently announced funding for a Phase 2 at Peel Memorial which is a positive step. However, Council needs to aggressively lobby the Province for timelines and another fully functional Hospital in the North West area of Brampton.

World Peace

Can’t we all just get along? While conflicts around the world dominate our news-feeds, we are thankful that Canada continues to be a beacon to the world on how people can live together. Our city is uniquely positioned to be a model society in Canada for how people from all walks of life can work together for greater outcomes. The international reaction to the Jagmeet Singh viral video was a small example of how what happens in Brampton can be relevant to the world. We are excited to see the people and their big ideas that come out of Brampton and get the attention of the world.