41% of Brampton in Need of Critical Repair

Photo by Don Mcleod / Brampton Focus

Thanks to the Brampton Guardian, we learned this week that 41% of all city facilities in Brampton are in a state of “critical repair”. You read that right… 41%. There are particular arenas (Ken Giles) which have been in “critical” condition for some time and complaints to City Hall have been falling on deaf ears with empty platitudes. One resident has been complaining directly to his Councillor several times over the past year, only to have a nice brochure land in his mailbox expounding the nice new soccer center that was being built in the Sandalwood area.

One Councillor mentioned that politics often decides what projects get approval. Should major decisions that effect many residents of Brampton and their ability to enjoy recreational centers be based on politics? Our city must start making decisions based on real need and livability for all. Instead, we are left believing that lobbying efforts to individual Councillors for pet projects and preferential treatment happen in exchange for providing political support. Instead of waiting for our chickens to come home to roost, we should be waking up to the crowing of a morning rooster.

Photo by Don Mcleod / Brampton Focus
Photo by Don Mcleod / Brampton Focus

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