Are Millennials Leaving Brampton?

What is Brampton doing to ensure the Millennial Generation takes its place in our city as the most productive and innovative segment of the population? There are limited high quality employment opportunities for this generation and they increasingly facing the decision to move to other municipalities to make a living. They are well educated, but many are saddled with high debt. In this episode, Brampton Focus talks to local Millennials to get their perspective on Brampton, including Nikita Brown from the hip website.

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Vidya Sagar Gautam
Vidya Sagar Gautam

To address these challenges brought about by societal. global and professional contexts facing Millennia’s Generation; more specifically for undergraduate engineering students from Brampton; most activities by Ontario Government viz RIC Centre, Mississauga meant for the the residents of Peel Region ; & services range from providing financial aid information to assistance after completing the application with RIC Centre.There is no doubt that Brampton is a sleepy city ; 7 it is a matter of time when the Brampton City leadership become responsible not just for issuance of new housing permits; but also for the development of pharmaceutical, bio-technology, clean sector… Read more »


Instead of discluding everyone in Brampton who isn’t a Millennial, can the Bramptonist please just think of itself as a place to engage all Brampton people who may have contemporary interests.
I am not in my 20’s and not originally from Ontario but I am always seeking out the many things and types of places that the Bramptonist features.

Being constantly reminded that my age group is not welcome in the discussion is a bit of a turnoff.

I am in my forties and I love modern design, healthy contemporary menus, vibrant cultural events… go figure!

Kendal Blake
Kendal Blake

That’s ironic because Millennials have always being ignored in brampton. and now that someone is saying/doing something about it…. you feel left out. The city has always catered to older people. If you don’t relate to older people thats cool. Doesn’t mean you don’t fit in. But Millennials in Brampton is a huge topic of discussion right now because Brampton has a huge issue in advancing its culture for its youth. Like i said before its always catered to older people. It’s not discriminatory to focus on the Millennial generation. In the same way that it’s not discriminatory to focus… Read more »

Former Bramptonian
Former Bramptonian

Thank you for such a great segment. I was born in Brampton and lived in Brampton till I was 20 years old. I moved back to Brampton. 20 years to assist my mom with her health. I became very disappointed regarding the LRT decision and saddened that community arts still did not have such a high focus. Representatives of Brampton Parks and Recs have openly stated that they will not host community art programs due to the fact that the do not want to be in competition with the not for profit groups that offer art programs. I wish the… Read more »