Are there any Millennials Left in Brampton?

Multiethnic Group of People Social Networking at Cafe

A couple of years back I attended a property management industry dinner, a very black tie type event complete with a keynote speaker. The keynote speaker shared his thoughts on the millennial way of life.  He spent considerable time speaking to the audience about their desire to live close to work and use public transit to avoid the rising costs of owning a car.

I look at Brampton and think that our city is the exact opposite of where a Millennial would want to reside. Like many parents in our city, I have high expectations for my daughter.  Although I hope she ends up employed doing something she loves, it’s natural for a parent to want their children to excel and become lawyers, accountants, doctors or engineers to name just a few white collar occupations.

It’s sad to say but when it’s her time I feel that to get ahead she’ll need to leave Brampton to study and work.  There aren’t too many white collar jobs in our blue collar/industrial city.