Auditor General Tackles Road Construction

How often have you traveled down a road in and around Brampton that was bumpy, sunken around drainage, or fixed haphazardly? The Auditor General of Ontario recently released her annual report and confirms that the provincial government is often left to repair shoddy road construction work at additional cost to tax payers. It is not too much of a stretch to assume that the same might be happening at the municipal and regional levels of government.

Contractors are using poor quality asphalt and concrete resulting in premature failure of important infrastructure projects. It is costing millions to tax payers to repair and in lost productivity. Queen’s Park also continues to allow poorly performing contractors to bid on future projects.

In Peel Region, there are numerous examples of poorly constructed roads. For example, the drive south on Bramalea Rd from Central Park to Queen is like riding a roller-coaster. One has to wonder if these projects are receiving thorough inspections.

The road construction projects in Brampton ramp up every spring, linger throughout the summer and drag late into the fall.  If you are wondering when that construction project, water-main or road repair is going to be finished in your neighborhood, you can look it up online for projects by the Region of Peel or the City of Brampton.

This year has been particularly busy. If you don’t see a project listed that is still ongoing or has not been completed properly, contact the City or Region help line (311) or your local Councillor and have them check on the status. After all, it’s your tax dollars.