“Back Home” Politics – Brampton Focus Punjabi Edition

Allegations of political influence from outside a country are disturbing. The Americans are still trying to understand how Russia played a part in their elections. In Canada, we don’t have many if any examples of “outsiders” trying to influence our elections. However, are Canadian citizens trying to influence the votes of friends and families back in their “home” country?

On our latest edition of Brampton Focus Punjabi, host Shameel Jasvir is joined by former Canadian citizenship judge Harry Dhaliwal and Punjabi radio host Dr. Balwinder.  They discuss the roles and responsibilities of Indian expats in the politics of their native land.

Political news from “back home” used to be contained to coverage in the Punjabi newspapers, but with advances in technology and social media, people can stay connected to the Indian political scene 24 hours a day.

To many the words Congress, BJP and Akali bring forward strong feelings.  Some would say that these feeling are stronger than those which are closer to home, such as Liberal, Conservative or NDP.  But is this correct?

Watch our latest Brampton Focus Punjabi episode to hear the thoughts of our panel.