Bank of Canada’s Viral $10 Website

The Bank of Canada wants you to visit the website for their new commemorative $10 Bill, and they are getting very creative. The interactive site shows the security, historic and symbolic features of the new note which will be available starting June 1st.

In addition, if you know the secret code, the site will also play the National Anthem and sprinkle $10 dollar bills all over your screen. The secret code is known as the Konami code, a series of keystrokes to activate hidden elements in specific video games.

Here is how you can activate the secret features on the Bank of Canada’s website:

Visit: Bank of Canada Site

Enter the following 10 keystrokes:

up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a

up/down/left/right – use the arrow keys that normally controls the cursor in a word processor

You should immediately see the hidden features. If you don’t, refresh your screen and repeat the keystrokes (correctly this time).