Evan Moore – New Chair of Brampton Board of Trade

The Brampton Board of Trade ( BBOT) is the voice of business in the city. They have a long standing tradition of electing a new Chair of the Board each year. This year, they have appointed Evan Moore as incoming Chair.

Mr. Moore is a partner with the law firm of Prouse, Dash and Crouch. He has chaired the Policy and Government Relations Committee (PG&R) at the BBOT for several years.

The BBOT represents over 24,000 members and 800 plus businesses in Brampton. Over the last several years the BBOT has become more vocal in expressing their concerns to City Hall about budget transparency as well as the rising tax increases through its Policy and Governmental Relations Board. They are celebrating their 130th Anniversary.

In this episode of Brampton Focus, Michael A. Charbon finds out what Evan Moore expects to bring to the BBOT and about his vision of where he would like to see Brampton heading from a business perspective.