Brampton Focus ਪੰਜਾਬੀ – Multiculturalism and Diversity

What is Canada’s “Dharam” or spirit?  In this edition of the Punjabi Edition of Brampton Focus we discuss multiculturalism.

Many people from all of the world representing a vast array of cultures, races, and religions have immigrated to Canada over the years and benefit from the privileges offered by this great land. What does multiculturalism mean to South Asians, specifically the Punjabi community in Brampton? Has the Punjabi community in Brampton integrated and benefitted from Canada’s multiculturalism?

Host Shameel Jasvir is joined by Prithpal Singh Chagger, Vice President of the Heartland Creditview Neighbourhood Health Centre and Harminder Dhillon, a community activist and lawyer. They discuss how the Punjabi community has chosen in some cases to embrace multiculturalism and in other cases turned their back on it.

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