Chasing Change at TedxBrampton

Embracing fear, moving past survival mode, and 15-year-old CEOs. This is just a snapshot of the new ideas brought forward at TedxBrampton 2019. Thanks to Mohammed Maxwell Hasan, the founder of TedxBrampton, the city held its second annual Ted Talk at the Garden Banquet (Saturday 27th).

Mayor Patrick Brown attended the event and emphasized the importance of the theme of the talk: pursuit by chasing change. He introduced the talk with a speech explaining how chasing change is vital for the future growth of our city. 

In addition, there was a line up of 8 exciting and diverse speakers. One of them being Eric Beck, who emphasized the need for change because “society is developing faster the brain can develop”. Gabby Mammone, an ambassador of multiple sclerosis (M.S) also shared her inspiring story on how she combats M.S by being kind and aware. Additionally, Rob Elsworthy talked about the lack of representation and that “Diversity matters because it fuels dreams” based on his experience as a former employee of Rockstar Games. Another mentionable speaker, Carrie Percival, the co-founder of  B.R.A.V. E, discussed the importance of connection and how it changed her life.

Not only were there insightful ideas being shared, but the audience was well entertained with a dinner and raffle games. All in all, the event pushed the need to “reinvent what you’re doing” through continually pursuing change in whatever means possible.

Edited by: Harleen Klair