Brampton’s new City Council

Mayor Elect Patrick Brown made a remarkable showing in Monday’s municipal election proving the polling prior to the election to be accurate. The victory for Brown follows a series of devastating political events over the past 8 months that would have been career ending for many politicians.

Brown now faces the challenge of living up to high expectations and fulfilling campaign promises that include freezing taxes, providing free transit to seniors, reducing crime, building a cricket stadium, bringing new business to the city, increasing per capita hospital beds to provincial norms, bringing  a university to the city that isn’t a “satellite campus”, and demanding our fair share from the province.

Premier Doug Ford when asked about working with “Mayor” Brown responded that he would work with him as he would any other Mayor in the province. In media interviews at his victory party, Brown stayed true to his campaign promises and began advocating for equal funding from the province, the federal government and the city for funding for his agenda.

Brown is joined by a number of new faces on council including Paul Vicente, Rowena Santos, Charmaine Williams, and Harkirat Singh. All 6 incumbents that ran for their City Council seat or tried to upgrade to Regional Council were successful. The new council no longer has anyone that has served for more than a single term. It is younger and more ethnically diverse. However, it is now less gender balanced.

The new council will have to decide which of the 5 City Councillor (Santos, Whillans, Bowman, Williams or Singh) to promote to sit at Regional Council so that the city has a total of  7 seats (including the Mayor) at the Region of Peel.

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