Business Group to Host Town Hall Meeting

Imagine: New Brampton

A group of local business leaders, developers and Brampton stakeholders is hosting a town hall meeting to present their vision of a new Brampton.

New Brampton is holding their Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday January 16th, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Brampton City Hall Conservatory, a space that forms part of the new addition to City Hall.

According to an invitation sent out this week to residents across the city, the event is being held to allow attendees “learn more about New Brampton and their vision”. In addition, participants will be able to network with the directors of New Brampton and ask them questions directly, as well as meet with other residents.

New Brampton, a advocacy group formed in 2017, is run by a list of Brampton luminaries and names that are well known in the community. These include Roderick Rice of Rice Development Corp., John Kanellopoulos from Kallo Developments, John Attrell of Attrell Toyota, as well as Dave Kapil and Tina Larsen, to name a few.

Their advisory committee includes Cary Kaplan, President & General Manager of the Brampton Beast, Neil Davis, son of ex-Premier Bill Davis and Partner at Davis Webb LLP, John Cutruzzola of Inzola Construction, Michael Cheung, a prominent landowner and developer, and Kanwar Dhanjal, a business owner and engineer.

Dave Kapil, Co-Chair of New Brampton, says that residents who are interested in being part of the conversation about the future vision for Brampton are welcome to attend and take part. “It’s a unique opportunity to share ideas and ask questions.”

Earlier this year, New Brampton launched an animated video entitled “A Vision for a New Brampton” at an event held at the Rose Theatre which offers a glimpse of the kind of city that Brampton can become. Using the word “imagine”, New Brampton says the video is not necessarily a proposal for specific projects, but an exercise in “thinking big”.

For more information and to learn more about New Brampton, visit their website at