Canada’s Looming Water Crisis with Maude Barlow

Maude Barlow is a leading water rights authority in Canada. She is the Chair of The Council of Canadians and a former advisor to the President of the United Nations. Boiling Point is her latest book which Robert F. Kennedy Jr. described as “an insane road trip to the Canadian water apocalypse courtesy of the corporate forces of ignorance and greed, and a blueprint for a rational, prosperous and dignified future by the visionary prophet of democracy and sustainability.”

Ms. Barlow claims that Canada has a water crisis and blames government neglect and corporate abuse enabled by trade deals such as NAFTA. The challenge she says is to “share water justly and equally” as over the next 15-20 years demand is going to outstrip supply because of how we are destroying the resource. She is also taking aim at Nestle that takes millions of liters of water a day for pennies and is calling for a nationwide boycott.

Michael Charbon speaks with Ms. Barlow in the first of a two part interview.