Canada’s Looming Water Crisis – Part 2/2

Get Boiling Point on

Maude Barlow from The Council of Canadians was in Brampton recently and we spoke with her about latest book titled Boiling Point. The book has earned praise as “the most important book for Canadians this year” and highlights several alarming water issues.  Barlow says that Canada has over 20% of the worlds fresh water and we are not doing enough to protect our ground water from animal waste and harmful chemicals. She adds that “we are a planet running out of water and if Canadians think that we are immune to that….think again.”

Barlow’s long journey of water activism began in 1985 when she discovered that water was listed as “a tradeabe good” under the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA). From that point on, she became a tireless champion of water rights. She advocates that politicians at all levels should do more to protect the resource and stop giving so much of it away through international trade agreements.

In the second part of our interview with Maude Barlow, Michael Charbon discusses Boiling Point and innovations in recovering and protecting our watersheds. She says that “nature will come back, if you just stop screwing with it” and advocates that “nature is the best answer”.

Barlow also discusses the effects of automation in conjunction with trade agreements and how it will effect Canadian jobs.  She is excited and energized about the future as more Canadians realize that we can protect our environment while balancing it with jobs.