Cheer Brampton

Cheerleading is no longer a sideline distraction of glittering pom-poms. It has become a highly entertaining sport that is physically and mentally demanding. This year, the National Cheerleading Championship is being held on April 2nd & 3rd at Brampton’s Powerade Centre.

Cheerleading has evolved over the years into an intricate combination of gymnastics and dance that requires choreography and judging by a panel of experts. Cheer Fusion Allstar is the city’s leading cheerleading club and focuses on 5 principles: stunting, tumbling, dance, cheers and jumps. They provide a fun and positive environment for children aged 3 to 18. One of their parents related what cheerleading has done for her daughter…

“Since she started cheering, I’ve seen a big difference in her attitude. Her self-esteem and sense of self has increased exponentially. Before my daughter used to be so unhappy because other kids teased her and told her she was fat. Cheerleading has helped build her confidence. Everyone on the team has a role and without each member, the team cannot function. This reminds her that she is important and she has been able to transfer this into other aspects of her life.”

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