Councillor Miles Explains City Council’s LRT “Mistake”

29 years in public office is a testament to the political success of Brampton Regional Councillor Gael Miles in Ward 7 & 8. In this episode we speak to the Councillor about the LRT (Light Rail Transit), regional governance, university plans and more.

The Councillor wasn’t shy explaining why it was a mistake for the city to turn down provincial funding for the LRT route north of Shoppers World along Main St. to the Brampton GO station. At a recent council meeting, Councillor Miles voted in favour of spending $4.4 million on an environmental assessment to study two alternate routes along Kennedy and McLaughlin. She added that “We are kind of beating a dead horse” and “this council is not going to change its mind” in reference to supporting the direct route to downtown. In terms of priority, the Councillor’s preferred alternate route is along Kennedy Road to the new hospital facility and then to the downtown GO station.

While projects like Riverwalk and the University are exciting changes coming to Brampton, the Councillor was passionate about Brampton getting fair representation on the Regional Council. Unlike other larger cities in Canada, Brampton and Mississauga form the Region of Peel with Caledon. This added level of governance is confusing to residents, especially in Brampton where the city’s population growth has not been matched by more seats on the Regional Council. As a result, Mississauga is seen as yielding excess power over an annual regional budget of $3 Billion. Councillor Miles hopes that Mayor Jeffrey can use her influence at the province for changes to be made to the composition of seats at the Region.

Does Councillor Miles have aspirations for higher office? Not according to her. She is content with her role working as a Regional Councillor in the community; The role of mayor would limit her grass roots level interaction with the community.