Distracted driving blitz on now across Peel Region

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and Peel Regional Police is warning drivers to pay attention and not use their electronic devices. Police were at the intersection of Hurontario and Steeles Ave on Friday actively looking for drivers not paying attention. Police were highly visible in the intersection yet a constant stream of drivers were being pulled over.

If found guilty, the penalty for drivers is a $1,000 fine, 3 demerit points and a 3 day license suspension. For G1/G2 and M1/M2 drivers, the license suspension is 30 days for a first time offence and 60 days for a second offence. On a third offence the driver’s license is revoked.

Constable Donna Maurice with Peel Police Road Safety Services indicated that many drivers believe that it is okay to use electronic devices when stopped at a traffic light. “That is a myth, it is not okay, and if you get caught you will get charged with distracted driving.”

“Just stay off your phones. Why do you need to go on [your devices] knowing that could be something that is potentially fatal not only to you, but to somebody else.”

 Cst. Heather Cannon РPeel Regional Police

Constable Heather Cannon said the blitz underway this week is intended to reduce both distracted and inattentive driving. “With distracted driving, we are looking for people on their electronic devices… engaged with their devices while operating a motor vehicle.” For inattentive driving, “we have seen people that are shaving, eating cereal and putting on make-up.”

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