Do We Really Need to Dump Fluoride in our Drinking Water?

It’s hard to argue against mayors, public health officials, the provincial health minister and federal agencies that all advocate for the continued fluoridation of our drinking water. On one side, supporters argue that it is in the best interests of public health to ensure that fluoride is kept in our drinking water as it promotes better dental health and reduces dental caries. On the other side, some residents are questioning a public health policy that relies on the by-product of fertilization production that has been mostly abandoned in Europe.

In this episode of the Brampton Focus show, local resident Liesa Cianchino argues passionately against fluoridation and makes some compelling arguments. She’s part of a group that is suing the Region of Peel and is hoping to finally see the evidence that the region is using to continue its fluoridation policy. Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey also provides her reasoning to keep fluoride in our drinking water.

This issue risks escalating as the region will be voting on the policy at an upcoming regional council meeting while they continue to react to the lawsuit from residents.

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