Don’t Support Illegal Advertisers

Yuck. Our neighborhoods are inundated with promotional signs that interfere with the enjoyment of our public spaces. These signs germinate overnight and magically disappear a few days later, only to be replaced eventually by more signs. The City of Brampton wants you to know that they are doing something about it. They have removed 20,000 illegal lawn signs, stickers, and posters this year and are actively issuing charges.

This year, 420 charges have be issued against 48 companies for illegally posting signs. Charges against a moneylending services company were heard by the courts recently and a fine of $5,000 was imposed for posting 10 signs on traffic lights along major roadways. In total this year, fines of $31,875 have been imposed. The city says that tracking down companies that don’t have a valid corporate name or proper contact details is challenging.

Mike Mulick is the Acting Manager of Enforcement and By-law Services at the City of Brampton and he wants you to know that they are focused “on making Brampton a more enjoyable place for everyone.” He is urging “businesses that wish to advertise to diligently follow proper process and refrain from posting signs on the boulevards, centre medians, traffic lights and other public property.”

People that choose to illegally advertise their service or business will only do so if the cost of putting up a sign is worthwhile. So while the city spends time and resources cleaning up the nuisance, residents should think twice about responding to the ads or calling these businesses for more information. Instead, report illegal signs by calling 311, or using the City’s Pingstreet mobile app to “report a problem” feature.

– – –

Companies wishing to advertise must get a City permit. They can can rent a sign from a mobile sign provider or use portable A-frame signs or banners. This applies to all businesses, including those offering home repairs and renovations, travel services, moneylending services, academic coaching classes and others.

Residents who wish to advertise community events or garage sales can do so legally by using any of the 100 sign sleeves across the city. Sign sleeves are designated spaces located on select street lights and traffic poles where temporary messaging may be posted.

The City of Brampton’s Sign By-law prohibits signs on roads, grass boulevards (area between sidewalk and street), traffic signals, light posts and on other public properties unless permission has been secured from the City.