Earth Day – 5 Decades Later

Photo by Kitty Basra

Turn off a light switch. Ride public transit. Re-use your coffee cup. Yeah Yeah. Earth Day is supposed to bring public consciousness to the forefront as we focus on clean air, water and sustainability. Gauging from the photo provided by a Brampton Focus reader, we might be missing the point.

Consider that April 22nd marks the birth of the modern environmental movement from the 1970’s (see Earth Day Network). We’re five decades into this movement yet arguably, we’ve gone backwards. World leaders today are signing the latest environmental treaty of the day and it’s hard to be anything but skeptical.

This Spring how about we just clean up Brampton and set a high bar for how we want our city to look. Let the politicians sign their agreements and we do our small part in our corner of the world, one piece of litter at a time. Deal?