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Brampton Mayor Fasted and Lead a City Delegation to Quebec Mosque on Night of Power

"I want you to know, even though we are 800km away, that you've got a lot of love in the City of Brampton."

Brampton City Council wants Peel Region to stay together

https://youtu.be/xuuX_3rpPpY Mayor Patrick Brown addresses media after Special Council Meeting on May...

The FOLD’s Suzanne Methot on Storytelling as Medicine and Restorative Dialogue

The Festival of Literary Diversity is well under way, and in our final...

Mahlikah Awe:ri On Being an Artistic Changemaker and FOLD Poet

Brampton Focus had the pleasure of speaking with Mahlikah Awe:ri, "a TD Arts...

Vivek Shraya Talks Being a FOLD Alumni, and Turning Hate Into Fiction

Brampton Focus had the delight of speaking with Vivek Shraya, "an artist whose...