Feb 26 / 2016 – Uber Ex’ed

(TGIF is a new weekly feature from Don Mcleod with a slightly twisted look at local politics during the week.)

Another Friday in Brampton and City Council has asked nicely that Uber-X refrain from operating in Brampton .

We don’t want no stinkin’ LRT and we don’t want no stinkin’ Uber-X either. We like Brampton just the way it is: a nice “old” town where life is simpler, where everyone knows your name, where streets are filled with cars and buses and limited transportation options. We want to make sure any shiny new fangled technology doesn’t disrupt our quaint little hamlet… no sir re bub, not in this town.

And to make sure, were gonna impose a fine. Yeah, a great big one. Let’s say $5000 bucks. Yeah, $5000 and up to $100,000 if you are caught being an Uber-X driver. And were gonna have By-Law Officers go under cover to catch these technology creeps. So call a cab instead.

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Council Votes to Suspend UberX Service Within Brampton
By Divyesh Mistry / Bramptonist.com