Government offers new grant for student volunteers

This morning Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced details about the Canada Student Service Grant (CSSG). Post-secondary students and recent graduates are eligible to receive money towards their tuition, based on the number of hours they volunteer between June 25 and October 31, 2020.

These details and more can all be found on the new I Want To Help platform, which guides students and organizations.

The placements for students can be found here, with both virtual and non-virtual positions available. For more information about eligibility, view the criteria. Students will receive $1000 for every 100 hours they volunteer, with a maximum of $5000.

Canada Student Service Grant disbursement (I Want To Help)

Students are not the only ones who can benefit from this grant. Non-profit organizations are encouraged to apply and provide opportunities as long as they meet the criteria. A Volunteer Placement Manager will be assigned to each organization to provide resources and assistance.

Funding grants are available for non-profits to support the procurement of volunteer resources, from $2500 to $100 000 per organization. 

The student application and not-for-profit application as well as details about the Canada Student Service Grant can be found on the I Want To Help platform. If you’re eligible and interested, apply now to make sure your community comes back from COVID-19 stronger than ever.