Brampton Bypassed on Hallway Medicine Consultation

Brampton is suffering when it comes to per capita health care funding allocation by the province of Ontario. Brampton is the least funded healthcare city in the province. Brampton has one of the busiest emergencies in the country. Ironically it is the least used emergency facility on a per capita basis. The emergency facility at Brampton Civic Hospital sees more than 400 people at day and was only designed for 200-220 patients a day.

“Code Gridlock” can be heard over the PA system at Brampton Civic. It means that patients that need to be admitted can’t find a bed. Brampton Civic has one of the highest wait time for a hospital bed in the province, averaging between 18.4 to 19.9 hours. The provincial average is 14.5 hours.

The Premier’s Council on Improving Healthcare and Ending Hallway medicine is currently asking Ontarians for solutions to the hallway medicine crisis in Ontario. The council is going to tour the province yet has not visited the epicentre of the crisis here in Brampton. It needs to. The council has completed the first phase of an interim report. The second phase of the Interim report will provide detailed recommendations formulated based on in-person consultations and emails.

The Premier’s Council to End Hallway Medicine must:

  • Make stop in Brampton
  • Recommend funding phase 2 of Peel Memorial Hospital
  • Recommend funding a second emergency hospital with a 24/7 emergency

We need healthcare teams in our city that can account for current and future population growth when allocating funding to solve our hallway healthcare crisis in Brampton. The funding metrics needs a sub regionality to address Brampton’s nuanced health needs. A funding model that reflects our reality. Bramptonians can submit their recommendations to . Submissions will be taken until the end of April.