Just in time for the horrors of Halloween season, the Rose Theatre opens up early ticket sales for the chilling production of Hamlet: The Ghost Story for the 2020-2021 season. Despite his short time at the Rose, Steven Schipper has worked hard to bring a performance that will be the first of its kind in Ontario for the following season. 

Produced by The Shakespeare Company and Hit & Myth Productions, the piece has had a successful run at Calgary’s Vertigo Theatre, and is coming to the Rose to immerse Bramptonians in what Haysam Kadri, the Artistic Producer of the Shakespeare Company, describes as “Shakespeare’s finest tragedy”. The audience will follow the prince of Denmark as he works to get revenge on his father’s killer, “a ghost story, a detective story, and a revenge story all packed into one unforgettable night of theatre” described Schipper. 

The production also reflects Brampton’s mosaic of diversity, as it stars the Pakistani-Canadian, Ahad Raza Mir, who’s performance “wins hearts across borders,” said Business Recorder (Pakistan). The talented actor is a recipient of the Betty Mitchell Award of Outstanding Performance for his role in this production and has already won the Hum Award for Best Actor.

Opening in October 2020, the production is excited to show Brampton a performance that Broadway World guarantees “delivers chills and thrills”! 

Tickets can be purchased at therosebrampton.ca or by phone at 905.874.2800.