#Hoodstrong supports small business and local charity during pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated our economy. Local businesses have been forced to adjust to the rapid changes. Imran Hasan, past Chair of the Growth and Power Committe at the Mississauga Board of Trade was inspired to create #Hoodstrong, a community-run initiative that assists local businesses.

Consumers can visit Hoodstrong.ca and purchase a gift certificate for a local business of their choice for the dollar amount selected. The purchaser receives 100% of the value of the gift certificate, with 80% of the funds going directly to the selected business and the other 20% donated to the Mississauga Food Bank. Hasan described this community-run, local initiative as “part investment, part good will”. It helps businesses struggling to pay expenses during the pandemic, so they are able to fully recover and reopen in the near future. Hasan adds that it is a “ win, win, win scenario.”

Hoodstrong is an easily accessible platform available to all residents and businesses, allowing anyone to actively get involved and come together to help the local economy. There are no administration or processing fees during the sign-up.

Hasan is excited about expanding the program into Brampton, especially as Brampton Focus has come on board to help business with free promotional interview videos for businesses based in Peel Region.