Last Minute Christmas Shopping via Amazon

I am not a local shopping expert. I despise it with a passion and would prefer a visit to my dentist any day. The other members of my family are experts. Yet even they avoid the malls during the last few weeks before Christmas.

Keep your sanity in check this Christmas. Bypass the crowds and the frenzy by shopping with Amazon. Unfortunately, doing so means not supporting local retailers in Brampton. You can certainly still shop online with local retailers. However, logistics at this time of year is a challenge for many small businesses. Amazon on the other hand continues to impress me, and they are also an employer in Brampton.

Here is what you need to do for the most cost effective and time sensitive last minute rush with Amazon:

1. Get signed up for Amazon Prime. This gives you free 2-day shipping on many products. Prime is FREE for 30-days. I set a reminder on my phone to cancel before the 30 days. For students, Prime is free for 6 months.

2. Only buy products that are Amazon Prime Eligible. These products will take 2 business days to get delivered. In my experience, many of their products arrive the next day. On one occasion, it arrived the same day.

3. Look for deals. Sometimes, products on Amazon are not cheaper than at your local retailer. But they may have stock on hand.

4. Get their Gift Cards. Unlike prepaid credit cards, Amazon Gift Cards don’t have a surcharge. You also have many packaging options at no cost. I like the diamond tin option. Seasonal choices are available.

5. Don’t go crazy. Amazon makes it easy to order. They do a great job of upselling. I accidentally purchased a $50 room vaporizer that I was on the fence about. I kept it once it arrived.

Use this link to start your order:

By the way, for full transparency, Brampton Focus is a non-profit organization and we will benefit from our suggestions above. We will get a small token of financial appreciation from Amazon to help support our community programs when you make a purchase using our links above.