LIVE Town Hall

Are you a community leader or passionate entrepreneur in Canada? Are you part of a movement that needs more traction? Do you want to engage with an online audience in a professional and respectful way so that you can have great conversations? Contact Us to learn more about out LIVE Town Hall video platform on Facebook.

After running hundreds of live video streams over the past two years on various platforms, there’s no doubt in our mind that Facebook offers the best video streaming service available, primarily because it has a built in audience that can be tapped into. LIVE Town Hall leverages the tools and capabilities offered by Facebook to enable you to reach and grow your audience with high quality live video streams that include multi-camera switching, excellent audio and lighting, titles and graphics, background audio, and on-location capabilities. We also offer you the ability to engage directly with your audience to take questions in real-time using a proprietary system to ensure questions can be vetted in real-time to keep spammers and bullies from derailing the conversation.

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Our Live streams can also be published directly to your own Facebook page, your website, and with your own branding. The Live stream can stay on Facebook for as long as you need, or removed after your broadcast. We can also provide you with a high quality video file that you can upload to YouTube, Vimeo or other video hosting service.

Interested in learning more? Get in contact with us  or send an email to Don McLeod (, 416.899.6230).