Mar 4 / 2016 – Begging Beasts

Its been a rowdy couple of weeks at Brampton City Council in regards to Uber and now an ultimatum from the Brampton Beast hockey club to pull up stakes and get out of Dodge if they don’t get a massive infusion of taxpayers dollars to cover their operating costs by next week.

Councillor Elaine Moore had no problem putting forward a motion to subsidize the Beast with taxpayers money to the tune of $300,000 a year over the next five years and to have Staff research the feasibility of purchasing the Powerade Center. The feasibility study alone is expected to cost $250,000. Brampton is getting a reputation for not being capable of keeping a sports team or even organizing sporting events. The list of failures is growing:

  • The Battalion Junior Hockey team fled in 2012
  • We turned down participation in the Pan-Am games
  • The Brampton A’s NBL basketball team fled in 2015
  • The 55+ games is currently underfunded by $600,000

And if the Province doesn’t bail us out on the 55+ games, tax paying residents in the city will be on the hook. All this while the Brampton Beast are making demands.

What are residents of Brampton going to receive in return for the money they are going to give to the Beast? Will Council members get FREE tickets to the game? If the Beast leave, where will the Councillors go to get their sports Photo-ops?

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