Mayor-elect Brown responds to University cancellation

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The Doug Ford government today at 6pm announced the cancellation of funding for the Wynne government’s university expansion plans in Markham ($125M), Milton ($90M), and Brampton ($90M) (see full announcement). The decision comes not even 24 hours after the municipal elections in the province.

In a response to the decision, Mayor-elect Patrick Brown responded for comment with the following statement:

The previously funded satellite campus was the bare minimum the province could do to provide help and opportunities to young people in Brampton. Canceling the bare minimum investment into post secondary education is very disappointing.

I hope the PC MPPs in Markham, Milton and Brampton will stand up for their communities and speak to the Minister.

I believe Brampton deserves a full university, not just a small satellite campus. This is a step backwards towards what the City of Brampton deserves.

 Social media response to the decision has been swift: