Mentoring Youth in Brampton

The Canada Summer Jobs Program is an opportunity for young people from ages 15 to 29 to gain skills, work experience and abilities to help them transition into the labor market. It is an effective initiative for non-profits and businesses to create quality work experience for our youth.

Brampton Focus had an outstanding cross-section of young people this year that not only reflected Brampton’s growing diversity, but also it’s vast young talent pool. With Brampton being one of the youngest cities, demographically in Canada, we have an opportunity to capitalize on this growing talent. Our interns also engaged and volunteered with assisting Brampton City Staff with the Nurturing Neighborhood initiative as well as helping out at the inaugural Hockey Night in Brampton.

Our interns attend various Universities throughout Southern Ontario including York, Guelph, Western, Queens, McMaster and Toronto. All of our students expressed the hope that attending a University in Brampton would not be a distant hope, as well as increased job opportunities after graduation.

This is Brampton Focus’s 3rd year of participation in this program, and as challenging as it is, it is also extremely rewarding to have the chance to mentor and impact someone’s life in a positive way…..

I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to explore journalism and the world of politics. It was something I never saw myself involve in, but it really helped me develop my confidence and networking skills…”

Thank you all your help and support, you have helped me grow…”

Thank you for teaching me so many new things and giving me this amazing opportunity…

“….I really appreciate the effort that Brampton Focus put into making this employment experience as diverse as possible, from allowing us to write and edit articles, and giving us a chance to do work in front of and behind the camera…..This is the best summer job experience that I have ever had….Brampton Focus has helped me find out how I can contribute to help people in our city as an individual…..”

We have extremely talented and passionate youth in our community….Let’s take advantage of that passion and talent and not have them enrich other communities.

Thank you as well to our local MP’s in supporting the Canada Summer Jobs Program – Ramesh Sangha – Sonia Sidhu – Ruby Sahota – Kamal KheraRaj Grewal.

All of this video was Produced, Shot and Edited by our Summer Students –