Economic Development to Pay for Liberal Promises

The Federal Liberal government has an ambitious plan to spend $180 Billion over 10 years to fund transit and infrastructure projects across the country. Many voters fear that this spending is unsustainable and will balloon the $649 Billion National Debt.

In this episode of Brampton Focus, we speak Mississauaga-Malton MP Navdeep Bains, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development. Minister Bains is a rising star in Canadian politics and is increasingly being referred to as the “Minister of Everything”, a title originally used for the prominent C.D. Howe who served as cabinet minister for 22 years starting in 1935.

Minister Bains was in Brampton in February to announce $32.4M in new transit funding for the city. We sat down with him recently to get answers about the economy, our debt, and jobs. Minister Bains didn’t shy away from our questions about the $372.5 Million “loan” to Bombardier.

The Minister proudly stated that Canada wants to “embrace technology and be at the forefront of new ideas.” He spoke about a 3 point plan for “good quality jobs” that will focus on people, technology and investment in small businesses to ensure Canadians can compete on the Global stage.

We spoke with the Minister about the long term census that the Liberal government re-instated, and the 98% return rate. Data from this census recently showed that Brampton is ahead of it’s population growth target and now has 593,638 residents.