Peel Police Officer Charged with Assault

Peel Regional Police
Peel Regional Police

Police misconduct often seems to be an issue elsewhere in the world and mostly in the U.S. It is not often that we hear about misconduct in Canada, and when we do, it garners attention. Unfortunately, on Thursday, March 17th, Peel Regional Police issued a statement that “Sergeant Jeff Jones #2466, a 15 year veteran of Peel Regional Police was charged with one count of assault”. This charge follows an incident that occurred at 22 Division (7750 Hurontario Street) in December, 2015.

As a proud Bramptonian I credit Peel Police Chief Evans for stepping up and ordering an investigation into the incident. It signals that the Chief has higher expectations of her officers. From what we understand, the incident may have been captured on surveillance video and a complaint was not filed by the affected civilian who suffered only minor injuries.

We all benefit when the relationship between the public and law enforcement is based on trust and respect. Sergeant Jones has been suspended from duty. As we have seen in the past, these incidents wind their way through our justice system very slowly and residents will likely continue to pay the Sergeant’s salary throughout the process.

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