Project Baron nets $1.2M in drugs and 26 firearms

Peel Regional Police announced the arrest of Salem Talke, a 35 year old man from the Hurontario and Sandalwood Pkwy area of Brampton. He was charged with 62 firearms and drug related offences.

Acting Peel Police Chief Chris McCord said “these guns were seized in one of the biggest single firearms seizures in Peel Regional Police history.” He added that the efforts of Peel Police are “making a dent in the firearms and drug trade in Peel Region.”

The 3 month investigation concluded on Thursday March 21st after executing 2 search warrants in Brampton and another 2 in Toronto, including a storage locker in the Rexdale area and a residence in the Liberty Village area of Toronto.

Detective Seargent Christine Arnold says the arrest, gun and drug seizure “will significantly disrupt the distribution of illicit drugs and firearms withing our region.” The items seized include:

  • 26 firearms (most were loaded)
  • 1,500 rounds of ammunition
  • high capacity magazines
  • 3.5kg cocaine
  • 2kg meth amphetimines
  • 1kg heroine
  • 1kg phentinol
  • 300grams of mushrooms
  • large quantity of Canadian Currency
  • a bullet proof vest

The street value of drugs is estimated to be $1.2M. Police expressed serious concern at the concealment methods used for the guns. Acting Detective Sergeant Chad Lines said the concealment methods were intricately designed and custom made and would allow individuals with “quick and easy access to their firearms in a traffic stop.”

A video was also shown to demonstrate the magnitude of the high capacity magazine that was seized which could hold up to 60 rounds. Acting Detective Sergeant Chad Lines said “the purpose of these high capacity magazines is to cause as much damage as possible in a short period of time.” Responding to questions, he added that “the impact is astronomical as far a public safety is concerned” and that “you are not entrusted with this amount of drugs and firearms if you are not a high level criminal.”