Residents Want ZUM on Main to Mayfield

A classic chicken and egg problem has erupted with a small group of residents pushing to get Brampton Transit to extend ZUM service on Main St. from Sandalwood Pkwy to Mayfield Rd (a 2km stretch). Some argue that there is no demand while others say that it takes up to an hour to get home from downtown Brampton. Some argue that Brampton Transit should expand where there is demand, others argue that ridership will increase when service arrives.

Local Councillors so far have been reluctant to push for added service, with residents claiming that they have been told that funding is the issue. This comes a few weeks after city council approved giving over $1.5M to the privately owned Brampton Beast sports team.

Residents in favour of extending ZUM are in the process of gathering support from current transit users and residents in the affected neighbourhoods. It certainly would be useful for Brampton Transit to provide ridership data along Main St and the threshold needed to support ZUM service. We’ll keep you posted here as residents organize to push this issue forward.

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