Road Crews Bearing Brunt of Neighbourhood Frustrations

At every road construction site, there are signs and crew members directing traffic to keep us from hurting ourselves or the crew with our vehicles. We simmer in our cars and on our bikes until we clear the construction, and then scurry away until the next blockade. Just once, it would be nice to know why these crews are there, what they are doing, when they’ll be gone, and if they’ll be back anytime soon.

One of our readers wrote to us and sent pictures of something we’ve all encountered; nearby road crews returning time and time again to rip up a road, lay down new asphalt and the return again in a few weeks to do it all over at what seems like the exact same spot. At the Centre Street and Linkdale Road area our reader writes that “traffic is now reduced to one lane and it is a busy intersection. I mean really, 4th or 5th time in one year on same side and at same location. It is a huge inconvenience to residents in this neighbourhood.  Is this where are tax dollars are being wasted?”

Let’s assume that Brampton Public Works knows what they are doing and are keeping tabs on the crews doing the work. Is it too much to ask for them to communicate with local residents who are affected by the work? A notice in the mail or doorstep isn’t that expensive… is it? Even better, simpler and cheaper would be to give each site a short code that we could look up on a website for updates.

UPDATED: The Region of Peel contacted us to provide an explanation. See Slow Down For Reliable Drinking Water.