Ryerson disputes report and reaffirms commitment to Brampton

Photo: A rendering of Ryerson’s planned post-secondary site in Brampton. (https://www.ryerson.ca/news-events/news/2018/04/ryerson-university-to-open-new-campus-in-brampton/)

An online report suggesting that Ryerson University is abandoning expansion plans in Brampton is being disputed by the spokesperson quoted in the report.

Johanna VanderMaas, Public Affairs Manager at Ryerson responded to our request for clarification and provided the following statement:

“…Ryerson’s position on and commitment to Brampton has not changed.

When the Provincial Government cancelled the funding for a campus building last fall, Ryerson reaffirmed our commitment to three pillars of the original proposal. To that end, Ryerson is already offering educational courses through our Chang School in Brampton. We are developing plans with the City of Brampton for an innovation hub, and the Cybersecurity Centre will be located in Brampton when all of the operational and governance details are completed.

Ryerson remains absolutely dedicated to working with its partners at the City and Sheridan to help bring education and innovation to Brampton that offer the critical thinking and problem solving skills needed to succeed and thrive in the modern economy.”

Brampton Ward 1/5 Councillor Rowena Santos who advocated for a university in Brampton during the recent election campaign says that Ryerson University is expected to update city officials in early February.

The city and Ryerson University have been forced to respond to the cancellation by the Ford Government of $90 million in provincial funding that was earmarked for Brampton.