Schedule Your Live Stream

Brampton Focus enables our LiveTownHall guests to stream their broadcast directly on their own Facebook page. This allows you to reach your Facebook audience directly and allows others to share your broadcast. Scheduling a live video makes it easier to build anticipation with your audience before the broadcast begins.

When scheduling a live video, an announcement is published to your page letting your audience know that the broadcast is coming. People who see the post can opt in to receive a one-time reminder notification that will alert them before your broadcast begins.

To set-up your broadcast, please following these instructions. We have included graphics for the LiveTownHall Facebook page for illustrative purposes only. These instructions assume that you have admin access to your Facebook Page and you are using a desktop browser:

1. Navigate to your Facebook Page. (LiveTownHall page shown below for illustration only)

2. Select Publishing Tools from the menu on the top of your Facebook page.

3. Once you’re in Publishing Tools, select Video Library.

4. Select Live.

5. IMPORTANT – Copy your stream credentials (Server URL, Stream Key) and send them to your Brampton Focus show producer. We use this information to send our video feed directly to your Facebook page.

6. Enter a descriptive post text and title for your broadcast. You can edit this later if necessary.

Example text: “Join me for an interactive LiveTownHall discussion. Post your questions now and I will respond during the Live broadcast.”

Example Title: “LiveTownHall with <Insert Your Name>“.

7. Enter your Scheduled Start Time that was provided by your Brampton Focus show producer and choose “Schedule

Congratulations. Your LiveTownHall is now scheduled. Once you email us your Server URL and Stream Key (see step 5), we will then promote the livestream.