Schreiner Looks to Lead Ontario Green Party into 2018 Election Success

When thinking about the Green Party, the federal Green Party of Canada and Elizabeth May comes to mind. However, Mike Schreiner, Leader of the Green Party of Ontario also wants you to get to know them. In the last provincial election races were tight and featured an impressive representation of Provincial Green Party candidates. Unfortunately, Ontario voters did not elect a single seat for the Green Party in the Ontario Legislator. The Ontario Green Party received 8 percent of the popular vote in 2007 and 13 percent of the popular vote in 2008. Without a seat, Mr. Shreiner is working to make change in policies through grassroots movement.

In this episode of Brampton Focus we sit down with Mike Schreiner who has been leading the party since 2009. Mr. Schreiner won business of the year in Brampton. Hear what the Ontario Green Party stands for and what it intends to achieve for Ontarians.

The Ontario Green Party is certainly not a “one issue” party. It is a party that is socially progressive, fiscally conservative, environmentally aware, and looks to drive policy change whether its in regards to climate change or the economy. Mr. Shreiner raises the issue of “green tax shifting” and eliminating private fundraising for political parties by lowering corporate donations and spending. He also highlights their tax perspective of creating a tax system where we get taxed on what we don’t want as a society. This means creating taxes on waste and pollution, while lowering taxes on small businesses, especially payroll by raising the employer health tax exemption.

Some of the central issues the Green Party of Ontario is bringing to the table include the wasteful use of our community’s water resources and the issue of mercury poising in the first nations communities of Grassy Narrows. A plan was formulated in 1984 to clean up this site, but steps have not been taken to implement the strategies proposed through this plan.

With the help of grassroots fundraising, Mr. Shreiner hopes to get elected in Guelph for the next provincial election in 2018.

Contributing Author: Karthika Gobinath

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