Slow Down for Reliable Drinking Water

Traffic delays caused by construction is a lot more bearable when we know the reason for the construction. We were recently contacted by the Region of Peel after posting an article inspired by a frustrated reader (Road Crews Bearing Brunt of Neighbourhood Frustrations).

A project manager with the Region’s Water Capital Works read the post and initiated a follow-up that was surprisingly very useful. A Communications Specialist with the Region contacted us with to explain…

The work referenced in the article is a Region of Peel watermain replacement project rather than City of Brampton road work as described.  Crews have been replacing the aging watermain along Linkdale Road to ensure we provide residents with reliable drinking water as part of our service commitment.  The nature of watermain replacement requires the work be completed in stages with the final clean up and completion of the works currently taking place. As part of our standard practice, the Region works closely with residents before, during and after construction with notices and construction signs in an effort to ensure residents can contact us should they have any questions or concerns.

Additionally Brampton related construction information is available on our website – . Residents can also contact the Region anytime at 905-791-7800 for information or follow us on Twitter @peelpublicworks.

We explored the construction related information on the Region’s website and found detailed information about the Linkdale project in question (see here) with an update posted earlier in May explaining the current repaving. The information is sufficiently detailed to provide residents with the current status.

Case closed! Although… we still contend that dissemination of the Region’s information resources (and the City’s) could be better. A short web link that is displayed onsite would go a long way in getting this information out to residents and passerby’s.