Can you Spell Success?

This past weekend, and likely every weekend somewhere across the world since organized education began, eager students were seated on one side of a school’s auditorium and proud parents on the other. Each participant nervously stepped up to a microphone and given a word to spell. Students who correctly spell their given word advanced to the next round. After each successive round the words get more difficult, until the field is whittled down to the final three.

The event was the Brampton Regional Spelling Bee Competition and was hosted by United Achievers Community Services at Turner Fenton Secondary School. It was organized by Angela Johnson as part of the Spelling Bee of Canada, who have been running the competitions for 30 years. They have a mission to “encourage young people to expand their vocabulary, communication skills and self-confidence, by providing a foundation for future scholastic achievements.”

Participants at the Spelling Bee are placed into one of three categories: Primary age 6 to 8, Junior age 9 to 11 or, Intermediate age 12 to 14. They vie for cash, trophies and prizes. Students aged 15+  become mentors to participants in their Region

Preparing for the event is an excellent learning enrichment experience for all participants as it gives students an opportunity to adapt to a pressure situation and focus on the task at hand.

The winners of each age group automatically qualified to head to the Canadian Championships being heldon Sunday May 7th at the Toronto Plaza Airport Hotel (Lady Hamilton Ball Room).

Show support for these great kids by visiting the Spelling Bee of Canada website.