Brampton University Open For “International Partnerships”

Deputy Premiere Deb Matthews was in town to discuss the Provincial government’s process for a University proposal with business leaders and stakeholders at The Brampton Board of Trade today.

The Minister, who is also responsible for Advanced Education and Skills Development spent a good portion of her time expounding on the Ontario government’s record of commitment to improving education and highlighted the province’s Free Tuition program for families with a combined income of $50,000 or less.

The Minister also stated that the employment landscape is changing and the need for a new kind of post-secondary education, one that combines the practical with the theoretical, citing STEAM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Arts – Math) as the way of the future.

The Request for Expression of Interest for University Proposals will officially be released on Jan 18th, with the final decision made by the Minister in the Fall. The Minister wanted to be clear, “this is not a new university for Brampton, but a partnership with an existing facility.”  The Minister also indicated that the city could entertain international partnerships, opening up far ranging implications.

The Minister is “determined to see something in Brampton that has never been seen anywhere else in the world”, adding that an innovative partnership with business is essential for a successful proposal.