Update on BramptonU with Councillor Santos

Councillor Santos speaks about BramptonU (File photo)

The City of Brampton is continuing to develop the strategy for a Brampton University (BramptonU). The strategy is centered around cultivating talent and emphasizing employability with a vision to support 30,000 students by 2040. Ward 1/5 Regional Councillor Rowena Santos recently shared her vision and need for BramptonU, saying:

“Brampton is the only large municipality in the country that does not have its own university. What I’m looking for is not only a very strong partnership with school boards and students but the private sector, to make sure that the programming we bring to BramptonU creates jobs and develops our homegrown talent. A university would also create life in Brampton, stimulate investment, and revitalize our downtown core.”

Brampton Ward 1/5 Regional Councillor Santos discusses the BramptonU strategy

The City and Province previously committed $240 million to a new Sheridan + Ryerson campus in Brampton in late 2017 that was later cancelled by the Ford Government.

The current strategy prioritizes key sectors that have demonstrated growth, including Digital Transformation, Innovation and Sustainability, Advanced Manufacturing, Innovation and Technology, Food and Beverage Processing, and Health and Life Sciences.

BramptonU: Mainstreet Research Report

The City has also conducted various town halls and surveys to gauge citizens’ enthusiasm about the plan: in a survey of 1066 adults in Peel in December, 78% said they want a university closer to home. In another tele-town hall, 14,000 Brampton residents were asked about their thoughts on BramptonU, and 83% of participants said it was very important that Brampton has its own university. 

However, there are still many parts of the plan that have not been finalized, including the location of the university and a detailed timelineU. A proposal is currently in the works to present to the Province of Ontario later this year.