Woodbine Entertainment Group to Give Rexdale a Boost

BBB Architects

Woodbine Entertainment Group is making another push to develop the grounds at the Woodbine Racetrack in Rexdale, and this time plans look to be well advanced. Recall over a decade ago that a billion dollar development project was slated for the site but never materialized.

A 165,000 square feet entertainment complex to accommodate 5,000 people is expected to open as early as 2018. See More.

This is significant for Brampton residents as it likely will be the closest complex for most residents to see entertainment acts in the City of Toronto that can fill a 5,000 seat stadium. How this new development affects the viability of the Powerade Centre which also has a similar seating capacity is uncertain. The development at Woodbine is just the beginning of a much larger decade long plan which may eventually include a casino.

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