Allegations not substantiated – Deloitte Report on Gurdeep Kaur complaints

Deloitte’s investigation on allegations made by city staffer Gurdeep Kaur has been completed and the report of findings has been released by the city.

Brampton’s City Council authorized an investigation in May after allegations were made on April 23rd by Gurdeep Kaur, the City’s Director of Corporate Projects, Policy and Liaison against the city’s CAO David Barrick and Director of HR Sandeep Aujla.

The report states that “the majority of the allegations investigated by Deloitte were not substantiated.” Only 2 instances of non-compliance with city purchasing policies were identified.

In a statement provided through her lawyer after the report was released, Sandeep Aujla said that “I have launched a civil action against Ms. Kaur” and added that “my lawyers and I will be dealing with Ms. Kaur through that court process, where I look forward to holding Ms. Kaur to account for her actions.”

Aujla’s Lawyer, Alex Van Kralingen also issued the following statement:

Deloitte LLP’s investigation report revealed that none of Ms. Kaur’s allegations of racism, discrimination and illegality were substantiated. These allegations were scurrilous when they were made, and remain so today. It should be noted that during the course of the investigation, Ms. Kaur was asked to produce her smartphone issued by the City, which was somehow entirely damaged before being given to Deloitte, under what can charitably be called unusual circumstances. Needless to say no information could be recovered from Ms. Kaur’s device.”

Kaur was fired from her position in the city by Barrick soon after her allegations were released to selected media groups in April, however, reports indicate that she was rehired into a different position and continues to be employed by the City of Brampton.

At today’s council meeting, the city’s Clerk, Peter Faye indicated that the total invoice for the investigation is expected to be approximated $360,000.

At the council discussion, the Mayor requested that the meeting minutes from a lengthy in-camera council discussion with the investigators earlier in September be released. Councillor’s Dhillon, Williams, Medeiros and Bowman were unsuccessful in referring the report for further debate at a future council meeting.