Residents urge Mayor Brown to run again during tele-townhall

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week, it isn’t news that Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown’s run for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada is effectively over. The party’s Leadership Election Organizing Committee (LEOC) voted 11 to 6 in a controversial late night decision to disqualify the Brown Campaign. The Campaign has hired Henein Hutchison LLP to appeal the decision and the lack of due process. The mail-in ballot for selecting the new leader has already started and there is growing sentiment that it would be impossible to reverse LEOC’s decision at this stage. The Brown Campaign emailed supporters on Tuesday night supporting Jean Charest and encouraging members “to stay involved, do their research and make their own choice for next leader of the party”

Contrary to public statements by a number of city councillors, the Mayor has continued to perform his duties in Brampton. At Monday night’s City of Brampton tele-townhall, over 4600 residents joined in the call to hear updates from the Mayor, Peel Police, Minister Prabmeet Sarkaria and William Osler Health System. An ongoing sentiment from residents during the 90-minute call was a desire for the Mayor to seek a second term. One caller, Naveed said that “we hope you will run again for Mayor” with the Mayor responding:

“I’ve had a lot going on the last few months, and I’ve promised my wife that we’re going to spend some time talking about how we can continue to contribute. But I do love serving our our our our city. I love living in our downtown. And I think our city has so much potential and so much to offer. And I think Brampton is the place to be. No matter where I’m serving, I know that Brampton is in is in my heart, and I love the city.”

Another caller, Diane said “I just want to say to you, I really hope you stay in as mayor. You’re a wonderful man and your family. I don’t think the other people need you as much as we need you. You’re honest. You’re you’re just the greatest person when it comes. I watched you on TV, and I really wish that you would stay where you are.”

Michelle said “I just wanted to let you know that we’re very happy to have you back as the mayor you are by far the best mayor that this city has ever had. All our neighbors, we’ve talked about this and we fully support you and we really hope that you continue to serve this city because you have done the best job thus far.

Karen said “I want to tell you what the other people have told you, how happy they are that you are our mayor. And I also and my husband, too, wish that you would stay. You’re the best mayor we’ve ever had. My husband and I are 52 years in Brampton, and you’ve done the best job.”

At a media briefing on Tuesday to update residents on a court decision that reverses the appointment of Elaine Moore to fill the Wards 7&8 council seat, media from Toronto asked the Mayor if he was running again. Watch the video for his response:

Patrick Brown responds to question about running for a 2nd term as Mayor of Brampton

There were 3 polls during the call with the results below:

Do you support a property tax freeze?
89% said they want a property tax freeze. 11% said no.

Do you support increasing resources for Police?
78% said the support more resources. 22% said no.

Do you support city council’s decision to offer free transit to our senior citizens?
97% said they agree with free transit for seniors. 3% said no.