Brampton Councillors conduct “unhinged” media gathering with Elaine Moore in audience

As Mayor Patrick Brown weathers a colossal storm at the federal level to save his bid to become leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, four local Brampton Councillors took the opportunity to trash talk him to Toronto media and prop themselves up as saviours of the city. The councillors, Martin Medeiros, Pat Fortini, Jeff Bowman and Gurpreet Dhillon continued to push a false narrative that the Mayor has neglected his City Hall responsibilities, blaming him for recently cancelled City Council meetings. Former Brampton Councillor Elaine Moore lingered around the media event and did not get in front of the microphone to take questions on why she refuses to remove herself from the current controversy to takeover the council seat of former Councillor Charmaine Williams.

Watch the post-event discussion with Faz and Don below.

The Councillors consistently neglect to share that it was their actions to pre-appoint a council seat that triggered the current stalemate which has resulted in cancelled council meetings. The motion by the councillors is currently under a judicial review with a judge expected to imminently decide on the validity of a motion to appoint.

On Wednesday afternoon, the councillors used the intense media attention on the Mayor to invite media to a press conference and criticize the Mayor for grievances that have already been resolved, and imply that investigations and audits that they initiated are evidence of wrong doing by the Mayor and other Councillors. A number of Toronto media outlets called out the Councillors for leveraging the situation for personal benefit. Councillor Medeiros who led the news conference is widely expected to run for Mayor if Patrick Brown does not.