Audio Transcript of Councillor Gurpreet Dhillon with Complainant during sexual harassment incident

Councillor Gurpreet Dhillon during Nov 2020 trip to Turkey

Brampton’s Integrity Commissioner has found that Ward 9/10 Regional Councillor sexually harassed a local business owner while on a business trip in Turkey. The transcript of a 2 min 57 second audio recording during the incident by the complainant is show below. The transcript was created by the Integrity Commisioner’s office after listening to the source audio.

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Transcript of in-room audio recording
Councillor Gurpreet Dhillon and Compainant
Audio recording length: 2 minutes and 57 seconds

Source: 2020-03 Brampton Integrity Commissioner Report
Transcribed from report by Fazal Khan (

 [scrambling sound]
ComplainantPlease. Please. No. Please, come on. Noo. No, no, no
DhillonCome on.
Complainant I… I need to shower. I. .. I’m tired.
DhillonIt’s okay.
Complainant[in loud voice] Noo! No!
DhillonI’m tired too. Let me just get a glass of water?
ComplainantNoo. Noo. Go. Come on. I’ll give you… I’ll give you the bottle
Dhillon[inaudible sound]
ComplainantOkay? Come on. Go. Go rest tonight. [inaudible] You can have water.
ComplainantJust go, rest [pouring water sound]…and… and let …
Dhillon[inaudible sound]
ComplainantNo! [Loud sound – sound of putting glass down] No! Stop! Come on. Listen. If you’re gonna do this. I’m gonna be upset.
DhillonJust…just… [talking over]. Please?
ComplainantDon’t. Please. No. Come on.
DhillonDon’t be upset. Don’t be upset.
ComplainantOkay. Don’t. Just…just goo [whining].
 [loud sound]
Dhillon[inaudible mumbling]
ComplainantNO! No, no, no. But…like, please. Come on. You don’t even know me, like…you can’t! You can’t!
DhillonI know you. [inaudible] Why would you be upset if I… [inaudible]
ComplainantI don’t know! I…Thank you… I… I… I am. I’m…I’m a very good person but please. Don’t. Come on? Please?
DhillonJust… just… just… just…
ComplainantNoo [whining]. No. No. No. Please. Like.
DhillonJust… just… 
ComplainantYour’re the…
DhillonJust… just… 
ComplainantYour’re the Councillor of Brampton! You’re! Come on!
 [chuckling sound]
ComplainantI… I know we’re here and everything else. I… I feel bad. You’re sick and everything. Just go get rest. Just go get rest, please?
Complainant…Noo! [whining] No, no, no, no.
DhillonJust… just do me a favour and then I’ll leave. I’ll…
DhillonI’ll leave right away.
ComplainantNo! No! No!. Please. No.
DhillonI’ll leave right away.
ComplainantCome on? Please. Please?
DhillonJust do me a… okay.
ComplainantListen. I can… I can meet tomorrow. See. Don’t… don’t [inaudible]. Nothing…
ComplainantNooo! NO! STOP!
DhillonJust one second.
ComplainantSTOP! Please! Please! Please! No, no, no, no.
DhillonJust listen. Hear me out. Hear me out first. Hear me out.
ComplainantNo. Noooo… [whining] no, no. Nooo [whining]. Please. Please. Come on. Please.
DhillonListen. Listen. One sec.
DhillonI’ll put a timer on.
ComplainantNOOOOO! [yelling] NO! Come on! You..Stop! Please.
ComplainantNooo [whining]. Please. No, no,no. Noooo [whining]. Come on. Please. Come on.
ComplainantNo. No, no, no, no. Please. Stop. No. Stop it! Please! Don’t!
Dhillon[moaning or deep breathing sound]
ComplainantPlease! No! Put me down! Please! Please stop! Please. Noo. Please. No. No. No. [voice becomes distant] Please. Stop. Nooo! [whining] Please. Stop. Sto-ooop.
Dhillon[grunting sound]
ComplainantStop. Please. [deep sigh] Please. Sto…[deep sigh]. Plea…no! No! No! Please please… put my skirt down. Oh my god [crying sound]! Please, no! Please stop! Please.
DhillonCome on.
ComplainantNooo! [whining] No. Please. You go rest today. Please? Please?
DhillonJust give me a…
DhillonJust give me a little bit before I leave.
ComplainantNooo [whining]. No.
DhillonPlease. Please.
ComplainantPlease not today. No. No. No. Not today. Please. Not today.
ComplainantNothing! A… [sigh] You don’t even know me like that. Don’t! Don’t! Please. Listen, you’re a married man. I’m a married woman. Don’t. Please. Come on? Come on?
ComplainantCome on. Go get well.
ComplainantCome on. 
 [voices getting disant]
 [door opening sound]
DhillonSo… see you tomorrow then?
ComplainantI’ll see you tomorrow.
ComplainantGet well. Okay? [door sound] Goodnight.
 [door closing sound]
 [door locking sound]
 [picking up recording device sound]
Complainant[deep and heavy panting and breathing sound]