Big Blue House Decision Delayed to September 30th

Ontario Supreme Court Justice Kofi Barnes opted to delay his decision on the fate of Brampton’s Big Blue House until Friday, September 30th. In an written update on Tuesday September 20th, Justice Barnes cited “that given the volume and nature of the materials filed, the court needs further time to consider the material files.”

The Big Blue House lies partially constructed at the intersection of Centre Street North and Hinchley Wood Grove. Construction was halted on the site after the City of Brampton revoked the building permit, declaring a technical discrepancy. The owner, Ahmed Elbasiouni contends that his building permit was valid and should not have been revoked. WATCH THE 1 HOUR SPECIAL ON THE BIG BLUE HOUSE

In a motion delivered on September 9th, Justice Barnes hastily ordered both sides to resolve the situation or provide their options for resolving the dispute. Justice Barnes noted yesterday that “the parties have failed to resolve the outstanding issues.”

Meanwhile, at the building site, large signs have now been posted on the exterior of the building with statements taken from prior court proceedings, including an excerpt that reads: “No Citizen in this great Country of ours should have to go through this, not him, not the neighbours.” A photo of the poster is included below.

Kevin Hudson, a neighbour who lives directly across the street said “I don’t really think it’s fair that the house has to be there for the neighbours; it sucks. I think it would be better if it was just torn down or rebuilt, or just gone altogether.”


We will be reporting back again on September 30th. Stay tuned.