Brampton’s new senior advisor for black empowerment

The City of Brampton recently introduced the Black African and Caribbean Social, Cultural and Economic Empowerment and Anti-Black Racism Unit. Gwyneth Chapman was appointed as the Senior Advisor to lead the unit.

Chapman says the intent of the unit is to address the issues of anti-black racism in Brampton. She says that the focus will be on “helping the community through economic development and empowerment” and to look at “ways to help with the cultural and social development in Brampton.” 

Speaking on the significance of this opportunity, she says that “my passion for the community and my desire to see that every person gets an opportunity- that’s the driving force for what I do.” 

Chapman started her journey in high school, first using media to help provide young people with access to mental health resources. “That’s how I started television – through my desire to see people do well,” she says. She has also worked with a number of media platforms including CityTV. Her passions have also led her to develop the Canadian Black Caucus, which involves youth in the political process.

Her new unit will work with various communities, corporations, and the government to come up with strategies to empower the community.

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